About Us

Thirty Thousand Homes, Inc. was founded in 2012 and is positioning itself to become one of the fastest-growing on-line land sellers in the world. We are preparing to sell thousands of parcels each year and develop strong relationships with many land sources throughout the free world.

We will endeavor to place 30,000 homeless Black men in their own homes...

Part of the problem with the attempts to repair and preserve Black families is because the MEN are homeless.  Together, we can help to create unprecedented change in the status of the American family of non-European decent, through our focus on the mindset of the African man as it relates to having and maintaining a home.  If a Black man owns his home, he can almost surely fill it with grateful love and respect.  Won't you join us?

30K Homes member realtors and investors can list cash and managed sale homes here!  Sell more of your low priced housing faster, with financing that is more relaxed so more buyers qualify.  You will also sell your higher priced housing because 30K Homes will endeavor to raise funds to subsidize the cost of ownership for homeless Black men who meet certain criteria.

Thirty Thousand Homes, Inc. seeks to create home-ownership primarily for homeless Black men - through the activity of investors in land and great real estate deals.  Land and property is the basis of wealth. It also leverages one’s influence, confidence, esteem, and worth.  Buying a home is also a great tax strategy for renters as one can deduct much of their house payment as opposed to none of their rent!

Why You Should Join Us

  • We are a reputable company providing great properties to our customers who may have financing challenges.
  • We know that everyone is not a real estate professional so we help you through the process for a stress-free and enjoyable purchase!
  • We know exactly what it is that we're selling, so you will know exactly what you are getting.
  • We provide customer support both via email and via phone text!
  • We strive for customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain a feedback rating of over 100%.
  • You will do the community a great service by working with us because we give back.

You will do the community a great service by making affordable properties available for the homeless.

Check our forum for informative topics and discussions covering all aspects of real estate.

Our goal is to facilitate home ownership for the homeless.