“Black” and Proud?

"Do you respect your brother's woman friend (not attempt to seduce her)?  And share with "Black" folks not kin to you?"

Obviously, that's my interpretation of the illustrious words of the late Curtis Mayfield.  

Homelessness is only part of the problem, the other is a mindset.  Brother Curtis went on to say, "The people (those of us with the means) must prove to the people (those of us with little to nothing) that a better day is coming for you and for me (us people of color).  "And with just a little bit more education (knowledge of self) and love for our nation (love of self and self-kind), we'll make a better society! 

If you know the rest of the song, you will know that there are many who say they are "Black" and proud, "But if they had a choice of colors, which one would they choose..."

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