We will endeavor to place 30,000 homeless Black men in their own homes... with and without families, to foster dignity and self-respect in more Black men.

African American males are homeless largely because they were not taught to establish and maintain a home for themselves.  Every citizen should have a place to live.
It has been observed that many had to endure a life of living with others and became accustomed to it. Women should maintain homes also because they are often displaced by men, however, this initiative is designed to address the growing number of displaced men, who moved in with women, largely because women with children are able to get housing easily, and because of the disproportionate number of homeless men. This website is being developed to facilitate acquisition of housing for a number of these men.  Of course, NOTHING can be done without your support.  Join us or Give Generously

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Our goal is to facilitate home ownership for the homeless.