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Do you have a property you can donate to the Department of Africa‚Äôs 30,000 homes project? 

Help us to locate and identify abandoned homes to place homeless men.  Of course these men must be productive and able to maintain a home.  Some are homeless because of credit limitations and exploitations.   Homelessness is a major contributor to the disconnect people feel for their governments, their leaders, and even their families.  It is a sin and a travesty that so many homes stand abandoned and vacant waiting on a buyer or renter, while people lay in the streets.  Surely America can do better!  Help us to help the community.

If you are aware of vacant homes in your neighborhood (that are liveable not ready to be demolished or completely rebuilt), you can earn a commission on the sale! Of course you can earn more if you submit homes from "nice" neighborhoods! Create a login, and upload pics and info!

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Our goal is to facilitate home ownership for the homeless.