Homeless individuals and families are disproportionately African-American or Black
(annually 94% of the homeless population vs. 63% citywide.) The percentage of the
homeless population made up of veterans is between 14.8%. Memphis has a very small number of Hispanic people who are homeless. Between 10/1/2013 – 09/30/2014 only 2% of the families in emergency shelters and only 1% of families and individuals in
transitional housing reported their ethnicity to be Hispanic/Latino.

Homelessness may account for some of the domestic violence perpetrated on women who put men out to replace them with other men and vice versa... (not funny, I know.)  However, homelessness is a serious issue, especially among African-Americans.  Intervention is needed.  We intend to address these issues by providing educational programs as well as emergency housing to those who are at-risk of becoming homeless.